Tips to get traffic to you blog

Getting traffic on blog is every blogger’s dream, I find it vey challenging, because it needs planning and discipline of doing things right and on regular basis. You need to be consistent on writing posts and take care of some must do things to increase traffic on your blog. Here are some most important tips that I think can help any blogger who wants more traffic on his blog.

  1. Blog on Regular basis : Most Blogging expert suggest that One needs to blog regularly to get traffic on their blog. The more you write post, the more users will be be able to find your blog on the web through search engines. The more hits and comments you may get. The bottom-line is that, to get traffic, you must have the content first, because after all, content is the king.

  1. Use Popular keywords, title and topics : The popular keywords will help you to get under the eyes of the search engines like google. Google will set your page on a higher rank, if you are using popular keywords or titles for your blog.

  1. Make easy and simple post. The key is to use be simple in writing your post. Don’t try to be too serious while writing blog post. Remember that blog is all about writing simple thoughts that you have and you should share it in simple language, so that it will be readable and most importantly understandable to others. Don’t try to go that deep in the topic so that you will lost your focus from core details of the topic.

  1. Learn the art of sharing : Blogging is all about sharing, You need to be sharing your blog posts with other blogs in the field but you should be very careful while choosing the blogs whose links you will use in your site and sharing your blogs with them. Those site must be trusted and popular and most importantly relevant with the topic. As one Expert blogger has said “Link building is simple, but still most bloggers fail to do it. The key of Link Building is to find relevant websites with useful content. Then network with the organization (or blogger) to establish a mutually beneficial relationship including featuring content about them in the hope that they’ll return the favor.” To know more about Link building read this post on seomoz.

  1. Identify the target audience and Target them : To become a successful blogger on your niche blog. You should find other bloggers on the web having same interest like you and would be able to understand and can relate with the content you are posting on your blog. Find them and target them, You have to understand the questions they might have and give them the solutions. When some of then get content they need from your blog they will come and read or even comment on your posts, and as a whole this process will make your blog popular and more trusted among users. This post on seomoz will help you understand more about Identify the target audience.

  1. Use RSS feed : RSS feed can be very good way to get back traffic to your site or blog. If you want your readers to come to your site, yous should set up an RSS feed button on your blog. By doing RSS subscription your reader will get updates about or new posts you are posting on your site or any changes you have done on your posts. They don’t have to come to your site or check for new blog posts.

  1. Create Attractive site : Blogs should have quality content to make it popular, but blog should look good also. Visitors like to read blogs which looks simple and attractive. You blog theme should be simple, relevant with your subject and good looking. You don’t have to buy premium WordPress theme to get good Quality themes, but you can also choose from hundreds of good quality themes, available in the Internet. Remember that you should choose themes, which displays you posts in the maximum way possible to your visitors. Themes should have good navigation, so that every post is easy to read.

You should also think of using quality images, which should be relevant to your post. You can find quality images free from sites like iStockPhoto or Flickr. Just remember to give the image owners proper credit and a link to the original source.


About Ashish Jain

I am Ashish Jain, a software engineer by profession. My goal of creating this blog is to share my knowledge of SQL server with all other SQL enthusiasts and also to learn from them.

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  1. Apart from points 4 and 5 I kinda agree with your post. However, there is one more thing which could drive potential visitors away…

    Now don’t take this the wrong way, but it also helps to pay attention to your blog environment and to make sure it leaves a “full” or “finished” impression. After reading this post I got intrigued and checked your ‘About’ page, only to discover that it was still the default as setup by That can leave a wrong impression with visitors who might be interested to learn more about the person behind the post.

    Apart from that, really enjoyed reading this!

    • passionateashu

      Hello Shelluser,

      Thanks for your comment.
      I agree with you that blog pages should be properly updated and should have the reason and motive about the blog.
      I just started this blog and this is my second post. I still need to update themes and pages of this blog, but because of my laziness and some other works i did’nt do it. I will update my blog soon.

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